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Tips for Driving in New Places

Houston Auto Injury AttorneyVenturing into unfamiliar territory is exciting but also potentially dangerous. A life well lived will often lead you to new highways, new landscapes and new adventures. Following these three simple tips will reduce your risk of getting lost, receiving a traffic ticket or suffering through a car accident. As your preferred Houston auto injury attorney, we want you to travel the world safely.

1. Invest in a GPS system with real-time alerts.

Some of the best GPS systems will now alert you to heavy traffic, accidents on the road ahead and bad weather. They may even suggest alternate routes if a roadway is closed or traffic is severely congested. Think of it as keeping your eyes on the road ahead and being proactive to avoid problems that may lead you to need a Houston auto injury attorney.

A good GPS system with up-to-date maps may also show you the speed limit on each road traveled. They may also help you find gas stations, restaurants and other stopping points. Advanced GPS systems often reveal reviews for stopping points, so you can pick the safest and most affordable options wherever you travel.

2. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Watch everything that you pass, trying to remember as much of it as possible. If you get lost and need to backtrack, you’re likely to see something that helps you get back on track. Recognizing landmarks can also make your trip back home faster and easier.

It helps to pay attention to cross streets as well. If you’re in an accident or have another emergency which may require a Houston auto injury attorney, you will have the information that you need to call 911 and explain exactly where you’re located.

3. Do your research before leaving home.

Take the time to learn about the traffic laws and roadways in any new state or city that you will pass through on your trip. If there are toll roads, you need to know the amount of the charge and the forms of payment accepted. The internet can also help you identify traffic laws that are unique to certain states or cities. You may even learn about bad areas of town or roads that are considered dangerous or extremely high in traffic.

Some small towns have a designated speed limit on all roads unless a speed limit sign is posted. It’s easy to speed unknowingly in those areas if you don’t see signs and don’t know about the town-wide limit. Learning about sharp curves and other road hazards in advance may spare you a visit to your Houston accident injury attorney after the trip.

If you do run into trouble while driving in new places, contact your Houston auto accidents lawyers at the DeSimone Law Office.

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