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What to do if a Head On Collision is Unavoidable?

Houston Traffic Accident Lawyer – DeSimone Law Office

If a car is driving toward you and a head on collision is imminent, know what to do to lessen impact. Then, call your Houston traffic accident lawyer for help with your case.

Unfortunately, no matter how good of a driver you are, crashes are sometimes unavoidable. Head on collisions are especially frightening, as they are more likely to cause severe injuries and fatalities. However, there are some steps you can take to lessen the damage. Also, your Houston traffic accident lawyer can help you receive compensation if you were injured by a wrong way driver.

Steps to Take When Houston Head On Collisions are Impossible to Avoid

If you’re unable to get the attention of a wrong way driver and are unable to get out of the way, you may be in a head on collision. However, there are a few things you can do to try to lessen the impact. First, be sure to slow down. The slower you’re going, the less force you’ll experience. Additionally, steer to the right as much as possible. It’s almost always better to veer onto the shoulder or side swipe a tree than hit another car head on.

Additionally, there are a few ways you can brace yourself for impact from Houston head on collisions. Face straight ahead and make sure your back and head are firmly against the seat. Then, hold your steering wheel and tighten your muscles. This may help distribute the impact force throughout your body and reduce your risk of more serious car accident injuries. After a crash, it’s always important to receive medical attention and seek the help of your Houston traffic accident lawyer.

Talk to Your Houston Traffic Accident Lawyer After your Accident

While it may seem like your case is cut and dry, it may not be so simple. At the end of the day, whether for an insurance claim or a lawsuit, you’ll need to establish fault to receive compensation. Therefore, you should get copies of any relevant medical records and police reports and talk to your Houston traffic accident lawyer about your case. Your attorney can help you gather more evidence and determine how much compensation you deserve after your car crash. Additionally, your Houston traffic accident lawyer will fight for you during the claims process and represent you in a personal injury lawsuit if it comes to that. The earlier that your attorney is involved in the process, the better they can fight for your rights. So, call your auto accident attorneys as soon as possible after a crash.

At DeSimone Law Office, we have over 20 years of experience in Houston traffic accident law. We fight for you in and out of court to help you receive the compensation you deserve. In every case we take on, we mean business and work hard to help you recover your damages. We are so confident in our team that we don’t charge you a cent if our professionals are unable to help you receive compensation. Call us today at (713) 526-0900 to discuss your case with our team. We are here to serve you.

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