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What Juries Do Determines What Insurance Companies Offer To Settle Cases Part 2

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys of DeSimone Law Office asserted last week that what insurance companies offer on insurance claims on car accidents is determined by what a typical jury in Harris County, Texas or any other county would do on a particular fact situation. Jury verdicts are published every week and the insurance companies and the attorneys at DeSimone Law Office review these verdicts to see what juries do with a particular fact set to determine the value on any personal injury claim.  Some situations in particular stand out. The more damage on a car the more money a jury will pay for any given claim. The more consistent and injured party’s treatment is with the doctor, the more money a jury will award for a claim.  Injured parties who need a surgical procedure will be awarded more money than a party that just needed physical therapy and medication.  Injured parties who seek medical attention right away are awarded more money that injured parties who wait. Where an accident happened also influences the amount of money offered.  The same case in Harris County, Texas will be offered less money than in other parts of the state because Harris County jurors are some of the hardest on injured parties attempting to recover monies. If a jury likes an injured party, they will award that person more money. For example juries will award more money to injured parties without a criminal record than to someone who has a criminal record.  Persons with multiple accident claims will likely be awarded less money by a jury than and injured party with no previous history of traffic accidents.  These are just a few examples of what juries will do with a particular set of facts. Insurance company personal injury settlement offers are heavily influenced by these jury tendecies when they make offers on cases. 

If you have been involved in an auto accident, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They are aware of all the factors that an insurance company relies on in the settlement of cases and will make sure your case is handled in a manner so you obtain all the money you deserve.rd

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