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What to Expect From Police Officers at a Traffic Accident

If you have been involved in a serious auto accident, you know how traumatic these events can be. Even minor Houston rear end collisions can result in injuries and stress for drivers. Knowing what to expect after an accident can help you to remain calm and collected after an accident. Here are some basic steps you can expect police to take when they arrive at the scene.

Ensuring Public Safety

One of the first things police officers may do upon their arrival is to clear away dangerous debris from the roadway and, if possible, assist in moving vehicles off the street and onto the shoulder. This can help to prevent further accidents and to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Calling for Medical Assistance

If anyone appears to be seriously hurt, police officers may also call for an ambulance to take these individuals to the hospital. Even if no serious injuries are apparent, an ambulance may be called upon the request of any of the parties involved in the collision.

Performing Field Sobriety Tests

Police officers at traffic accidents may also perform field sobriety tests if the use of alcohol or drugs is suspected.

Taking Statements from Drivers and Passengers

Police officers will usually request and take down statements from all adults who were in the vehicles at the time of the collision. They may also add their own comments based on the position of the vehicles and their expert opinion on what may have caused the crash. If witnesses are present, the police officers may also take statements to record their versions of the accident. Contacting a Houston car injury attorney as soon as the accident occurs can often provide you with added protection against false statements by others and wrong conclusions on the part of the police.

Collecting Photographic Evidence of the Accident Scene

Depending on the severity of the accident, police may also take photographs to document the road conditions, the position of vehicles after the crash and the damage done to each vehicle. If traffic cameras are available in the area of the accident, police officers may also request the footage from these devices to determine exactly what happened.

Issuing Tickets

If it is clear that one or both parties were in violation of the law at the time of the accident, the police officers on the scene may issue traffic tickets for the violations.

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