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Why DeSimone Law Office?

Why choose DeSimone Law Office over other law firms for your auto accident claim? DeSimone Law Office answers the phone, and you are able to talk to the attorney if you need to anytime instead of one of his employees.  You can even text or email your attorney at DeSimone Law Office, and he will respond to you directly. DeSimone Law Office makes sure their auto accident clients have transportation to get to the doctor.  If your car is down, they will make sure you have a rental to get around in. DeSimone Law Office will get you to a doctor near where you live or work that is convenient for you to get to on a regular basis. DeSimone Law Office will work with your doctor to make sure you get any diagnostic testing they recommend or get you to any specialists to which the doctor refers you. DeSimone Law Office will make sure you obtain a fair settlement, and that you get a fair share of any settlement.  If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, DeSimone Law Office will file suit on your case to make sure you get that which you are entitled.  If you have any comments on how we can do our job better, please send us an email info@desimonelawoffice.com.

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