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Why Hire a Lawyer for Houston Rear End Collisions?

Houston rear end collisions between red and yellow car

Houston rear end collisions can cause a lot of damage and injury.

Houston rear end collisions are some of the most common types of car accidents. In many cases, these accidents are due to another driver’s negligence. While these cases may seem clear-cut, fighting for your right to compensation after a rear end accident can be incredibly difficult. Many people hire an attorney to help their rear end collision case because of this. If you were in an accident where another driver rear ended you, consider hiring an attorney for your claim or lawsuit.

What are Houston Rear End Collisions?

Houston rear end collisions happen between two or more cars. It’s where a vehicle hits the back of the front car, also known as the lead car. These accidents can occur at any speed and in practically any location. However, rear end accidents tend to be more common at intersections, such as near a stop light or stop sign, or during heavy traffic. In most cases, at least one driver’s negligence caused the accident. Also, keep in mind there may be multiple negligent parties involved. 

Rear end collisions can also involve multiple cars. Many chain reaction crashes are also rear end collisions. Chain reaction accidents are typically where there are multiple cars in a line and one accident sets off a chain reaction of other accidents. For instance, if car C hits car B, the force might push car B forward into your car (car A). Another common chain reaction accident is where car B rear ends you and car C is following too close to stop in time. This could result in you, as the lead car, experiencing two impacts.

Common Causes of Houston Rear End Collisions

There can be any number of causes for a rear end collision. Therefore, it’s important to talk to a Houston auto accident attorney about your specific case. However, in general there are some common driving behaviors that can lead to a rear end accident. Some of these include:

  • Tailgating (following too closely)
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Improper car maintenance

Driving too closely makes it difficult to stop in time if the lead driver needs to stop suddenly. Speeding also increases the time it takes to slow to a stop if need be. Even if you’re going the speed limit, you might still be driving too fast for conditions. For instance, driving the speed limit during a bad rain storm where roads are wet, or in fog where you can’t see very far ahead of you can make it difficult to stop and avoid a rear end collision.

Also, distracted driving often leads to a rear end collision. Often distracted drivers don’t notice that someone is stopped or driving slowly ahead of them. Another common cause of Houston rear end collisions is poor maintenance on your car. For example, if the brakes are worn out or the tires have no tread on them, it can take much longer to stop your vehicle than usual, often leading to a crash. 

Is the Lead Driver Ever At Fault for Houston Rear End Collisions?

If someone rear ends your car, you might assume your case is straightforward. However, that isn’t necessarily true. In some cases, lead drivers can be at fault, even if someone hits  your car from behind. Many times, the other driver, their lawyer, or their insurance adjuster will try to argue you were at least partially at fault for the accident. This is a common way to try to get you to accept a lower settlement.

One reason lead drivers may be responsible for Houston rear end collisions is an aggressive driving behavior called brake checking. Brake checking is where you suddenly stop your car even though there’s no road condition that makes you do so. Many people brake check drivers who are following too closely. Some believe this aggressive tactic can make the driver behind them give them more space. However, brake checking can easily cause a rear end collision. Also, it’s illegal to brake check other drivers. In some cases, brake checking may even be considered reckless driving. Therefore, we recommend following Houston traffic accident law and not brake checking other drivers. If the negligent driver (or someone acting on their behalf) accuses you of brake checking them, talk to your lawyer about how to protect yourself. 

Another example of when the lead driver may be at least partially at fault for a rear end collision is if their brake lights or blinkers aren’t working. Brake lights and blinkers help tell other drivers what you intend to do so they can act appropriately. If your brake lights or blinkers aren’t working, the driver behind you may not be able to tell that you’re slowing down or stopped. 

Why Hire a Houston Auto Accident Attorney?

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a Houston auto accident injury after a car crash. Any car accident case can be difficult to navigate on your own. Even with seemingly clear cut cases like where another driver rear ends you at a stop light, an attorney can help fight for your rights to compensation. 

We touched on it in the last section, but in many cases the other driver, their attorney, or their insurance company may try to put some or all of the blame on you. This is a common tactic to try to get you to take a lower settlement or drop a lawsuit against the negligent driver. For instance, insurance adjusters often try to twist things you say into admissions of guilt. Even innocent interactions might be fodder for an argument against liability. For example, if they ask you how you are and you say you’re fine, some adjusters may use this against you. They may try to use this to argue you’re not injured or not as injured as you claim. If you have an attorney on your side, they can help you avoid these issues and advocate on your behalf for your case. 

In addition, attorneys help take much of the burden off your shoulders for your car accident case. Going it alone means dealing with filing claims, gathering paperwork and evidence, and dealing with insurance adjusters and others. This can be time consuming and overwhelming for many people. An attorney is here to work on your behalf to help reduce the hassle and stress as you recover after your car accident. 

What to Do After Houston Rear End Collisions

After any car accident, it’s important to follow some guidelines. This may help you protect yourself in case you need to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. First, always check for injuries in your own vehicle and the other vehicle(s) if necessary. Call 911 for emergency medical services and administer aid if you can for people who are injured.

If everyone is okay, then you want to start documenting if you can do so safely. This involves calling the police to get a police report of the accident as well as doing your own documentation. Take pictures of the accident scene, damage, and anything else that may be helpful. Take time to write down the details of the accident while they’re still fresh. Also, gather contact information from witnesses and everyone involved in the accident.

In addition, consider getting medical attention, even if you think you’re uninjured. Many injuries may not show up immediately after a car accident. You likely have some adrenaline racing through your body and there might be so much chaos at the scene. You might miss subtle warning signs that something is off.  Getting a checkup after your accident can help identify injuries that may have escaped your notice, which can also help with your case. 

After this, contact your insurance company to let them know you were in an accident. Also, get in touch with your Houston auto accident attorney. Calling your attorney early means they can help you start gathering evidence and making your case quickly. 

DeSimone Law Office – Lawyers Experienced in Houston Traffic Accident Law

After a car accident, trust our experienced attorneys at DeSimone Law Office. We have worked on thousands of car accident cases and are here to help you with insurance claims and car accident lawsuits. We stand up for your rights when seeking compensation from a negligent driver. Get in touch now for a free case evaluation with our professionals.

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