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Windshield Wiper Maintenance for Safer Visibility

windshields-150x150Some car owners find it hard to believe, but windshield wipers need maintenance just like the rest of the vehicle. This ensures that they will be in good working condition at all times. To make things easier, there are several areas to check on to ensure that windshield wipers are in their best condition. Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to their windshield wipers. If you are ever in an accident with a motorist who did not take proper care of their vehicle, the injured party may be able sue that motorist for negligent maintenance. To fully understand your legal options, you must seek advice from a Houston auto injury attorney.

Common Problems with Windshields

Damaged or worn windshield wipers only smear rain water in both directions. This makes it more difficult for the driver to see. Poor visibility can be prevented by simply replacing the wiper blades and cleaning the windshield.

To clean wiper blades that do not need to be replaced, take a clean rag, and dip it in hot soapy water. Thoroughly clean each wiper and rinse the soap off before cleaning them with rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue. This will ensure that the blades do not streak the windshield.

Another common problem is when the water smears in one direction. It tends to happen in cold weather, but it can occur if the blades do not fit well or are no longer flexible. If this is the case, it is time to replace the blades. It is also best to replace the blades at the end of each winter because the wipers have experience drastic temperature changes.

Sometimes, the water beads and does not easily run off the windshield. This causes water to remain on the windshield and obstructs visibility. Those who live in an area where there is heavy pollution may encounter this problem and the residue that collects on the windshield is what causes the water to remain. The remedy for this problem is to treat the windshield with a water repelling substance. Before applying the substance, make sure to clean the windshield thoroughly. Glass cleaner may be all that is necessary. If that is not enough, try a wax remover.

The windshield wipers may have begun to chatter. This is the result of wax or grease buildup, and it causes streaking. This means that it is time to give the windshield and the blades a good scrubbing. If there is still chattering, check to make sure that the wiper arms are not bent. If the blades do not make full contact with the windshield, this may be the problem. Also, the blade arms and the glass should be parallel. If the chattering is due to the cold, turn on the defroster until the windshield warms up.

Suggested Windshield Wiper Maintenance

You can prevent these problems from occurring by doing two things. The first is to regularly change the wiper blades. It is an excellent idea to replace them once a year. It does not matter if you do not use your blades that often. The sun can cause the blades to wear out as much as regular use. The second thing to do is use a water repellant on the windshield. This makes it easier for the blades to do their job.

It is a good idea to ensure that the windshield washer pump is full of fluid at all times, and it is also wise to make sure that the pump is working properly. Inspect the tank to see if there are any leaks and check the washer lines for cracks or splits. Lastly, inspect the spray nozzles to make sure that nothing is obstructing the flow of fluid. If everyone takes these precautions, the windshield wipers should work properly and our highways will be safer when it rains.

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