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Witness Information Can Be Key To Recovery Part 2

Last week the Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office told of the importance to an injured party in a traffic accident of obtaining good contact information on any witnesses to the car accident.  Merely obtaining a name and number was not good enough as many witnesses numbers can be disconnected shortly after an accident leaving no way to contact the witness. It was suggested that the full name of the witness be obtained, the home address of the witness, all phone numbers of the witness and also the witness’s driver’s license number.  Once this information is obtained it is important to give it to the police officer at the scene if the witness does not stick around to talk to the police.  This way the witness information appears on the police report. Failure to get the witness information on the report will invariably lead to the at fault party’s insurance company stating they will not consider the witness in their investigation of the injured party’s personal injury claim.  We know that the fact that the witness is not on the police report does not mean that the witness did not see the accident.  However the insurance company is looking for any way to deny a claim, and this excuse is one fo their favorites. We will file a lawsuit under theses circumstances and get the witness’s statement but this does not get the case resolved as quickly as possible which is the goal without sacrificing any value in the case.  The best case scenario is to convince the witness to stay at the scene of the accident to give their take on the accident directly to the officer.

If you have been involved in a car accident and need assistance with securing witness testimony, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They will handle the witness testimoney and all other aspects of your case to obtain all monies to which you are entitled.

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