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You Should Hire An Attorney For Your Accident Part 1

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office often receive calls from potential clients who previous to calling us have been handling their injury claim on their own. Most of the callers were under the impression that their claim was an open and shut case and the at fault party’s insurance company would treat them fairly.  This illusion is almost shattered immediately when the injured party asks the insurance company to pay their hospital bills or put them in a rental car since their car was rendered not drivable by the car accident. The insurance company tells the injured party that they have to conduct their investigation before agreeing to pay for any medical expenses or property damages. They will say they need to talk to their driver, who invariably they never can get in touch with, and also need to see the police report which the police officer has two weeks to turn in.  The injured party asks what am I supposed to do in the meantime about getting to work without a car, paying for future medical treatment, and keeping the creditors from ruining my credit over the unpaid hospital bill?  The insurance company states you will have to pay those items yourself, and maybe sometime in the future we will reimburse you if we decide that we owe your insurance claim. By the way the insurance company states we would like to take your statement about what happened in the traffic accident. The unsuspecting injured party not realizing this is merely an attempt by the insurance company to get the injured party to make some sort of admission of fault or partial fault for the accident does the statement in the desperate attempt to go along with the insurance company in the hopes that they will then treat the injured client fairly. Normally after the statement of course the insurance company says we will get back with you but never do in a timely manner. Thus the call at this point to DeSimone Law Office to clean this mess up and get the client the medical treatment and transportation they need.  Next week we will continue this discussion regarding the disastrous results of self representation.

If you have been in an accident, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office right away. Don’t give the insurance company the upper hand by trying to represent yourself.

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