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You Should Hire An Attorney For Your Accident Part 6

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office for five weeks have been trying to discourage injured parties from attempting to handle their own injury and property claims.  Just during the past  weeks of writing  we have recieved numerous calls from injured parties who have attempted to handle their case on their own.  In every instance they are shocked to find out that the insurance company is not trying to help them. Why they think that a party that is an adversary to them would be fair to them is beyond our understanding.  The insurance company will not provide a rental car, pay for any outstanding or future medical, try to put fault on the injured party when it is clear their insured, the negligent party, is one hundred percent at fault, and making offers for less than medical bills on cases where the injured party actually could gather all the medical bills and records necessary are just some of the examples of complaints against the negligent party’s insurance company. Last week we left off with the poor unrepresented client trying to negotiate an injury settlement without an attorney which is akin to the lawyers at DeSmone Law Office trying to repair their  plumbing when they have a water leak. Water would be everywhere and the problem would not be solved which is why we would not attempt such a task. Some unrepresented clients are so intent on saving attorney fees that they file their own lawsuit. Of course they finally realize they are in over their head when the first blizzard of paperwork comes back from the insurance company attorney.

Hopefully after six weeks of blogs about the issue you will not attempt to handle your own personal injury claim.  If you are in a traffic accident, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They will make sure you get everything to which you are entitled.

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