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Houston Auto Property Damage

Houston Auto Property DamageAn auto accident causes a disruption in the normal activities of life that we all take for granted. Going to work, taking the kids to school, going to the store can all become difficult to accomplish after an auto accident.

When you experience the inability to use your car because it is not drivable, the auto accident attorneys DeSimone Law Office will make sure the insurance company provides acceptable rental transportation and that your car repairs will be handled correctly and efficiently.

Allowing a licensed, auto accident lawyer handle a car crash or property damage claim on your behalf, makes sense. A well-seasoned lawyer such as Ronald DeSimone or Donald DeSimone can help expedite things with the insurance company in questions because they know what to say and when to say it.

Have you been involved in a car accident and need help? Have you already spoken to the insurance company? Please tell us everything that was discussed with any involved parties…we can help.

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