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Rear End Collisions | Houston Personal Injury Claims

Rear End CollisionsToday’s drivers are constantly taking their attention away from the steering wheel in exchange for texting, phone calls, radio controls and eating while driving. Sadly, it is very likely that everyone will be rear-ended at least twice in their driving career. They are often the accidents that cause the least damage to the actual car, while applying the most damage to the drivers and occupants themselves. Rear-end traffic accidents are to blame for many aching backs, cramping necks, and shooting migraines. If you have been the victim of a Houston rear-end collision do not wait until the after affects and pains from the accident are too much to handle.

Rear-end collisions occur more frequently than any other type of car accident. In fact, according to estimates, rear-end accidents make up approximately 40 percent of all car crashes. This kind of accident may cause specific types of injuries. As a result, a victim should consider contacting a Houston car accident personal injury lawyer for advice regarding his or her follow-up steps.

Who is At Fault for a Rear-End Collision?

In most cases, a rear-end collision is the fault of the striking driver. Even when the lead driver slows down at a swift rate or comes to a sudden stop, the striking driver is still to blame. Fundamental traffic laws require motorists to come safely to a full stop when a lead vehicle slows down or stops. If a driver is hit from behind, then the motorist who was following them was likely distracted or driving too fast. After a rear-end collision occurs, those who were involved in the accident may need to file an auto accident lawsuit to gain compensation for medical bills and car repairs.

Rear-End Accident Causes

Rear-end collisions often occur because fast driving conditions may prevent motorists from stopping when the lead driver decreases their speed. Modern-day technology is a well-known cause of common distractions that may result in rear-end collisions. For instance, a driver may become preoccupied with their smartphone or a vehicle’s infotainment system. Eating, conversing, and failing to watch the road are other causes of rear-end accidents. Adverse road conditions, such as rain, snow, or ice, can also result in these types of collisions. When a rear-end crash occurs, the accident’s victims can obtain help from a traffic accident lawyer. A legal specialist may be able to help a victim acquire financial assistance from the at fault driver’s insurance company and secure payment of medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair or replacement.

Rear-End Collision Injuries

Rear-end accidents do not always cause people to become injured. However, when people are harmed during a rear-end collision, they may suffer from a specific type of injury such as damage to their neck or back. Neck injuries are common because when a car is hit from behind, it causes an occupant’s neck to jerk forward and backward, which can result in whiplash. This type of injury fluctuates in degrees of severity, and in some cases, it can be permanent and disabling. Herniated discs can also occur from rear-end accidents. When victims of rear-end collisions become injured, they should contact an attorney to help them file their auto accident claim. With professional help, victims can make sure that their claim is processed correctly.


The Houston vehicle accident lawyers at the DeSimone Law Office have the experience to help people who have been injured in rear-end collisions. Some victims face chronic pain after being involved in a rear-end crash. Therefore, they may need to hire an auto accidents attorney to ensure that they receive just compensation to help them maintain the best possible quality of life.

If you have been the victim of a Houston rear-end collision do not wait until the after affects and pains from the accident are too much to handle.  Give us a call and let us help you get the money you need to pay for health issues related to rear-end collisions.

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