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Stop Sign Violation

Stop Sign ViolationWe would all like to believe that our city streets are safe and drivers follow the law and fully stop at all stop signs. The reality is that too many drivers ignore or do not fully stop at a stop sign. This type of driving behavior from another vehicle can result in personal injury to you, damage to your vehicle, or personal injury if you were a pedestrian.

Driving Behaviors That Lead to Stop Sign Accidents

When you are out driving, it would seem to be a logical response to stop when you see a large red sign directing you to do just that. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured each year in auto accidents that occur when a driver neglects to stop at the designated sign. In Texas, Houston vehicle accident lawyers and auto injury attorneys stay busy in their efforts to protect the rights of innocent victims who have been injured in these types of Houston car accidents. Often they result in serious side-impacts or even rollovers. Accidents that occur at intersections with stop signs are often caused by some very preventable driving behaviors.

Aggressive Drivers

Houston traffic accident lawyers are kept exceptionally busy by this type of driver who may be found driving at a high rate of speed, making illegal lane changes and tailgating those who are attempting to drive at the posted speed limit. These same drivers may find themselves speeding toward an intersection, see the stop sign and decide they can make it through before any other cars arrive at the intersection. Any driver who makes the conscious decision to simply ignore a stop sign for whatever reason is not only breaking the law, but they may also cause an accident that causes serious injuries or even a fatality.

Intentional Stop Sign Violations

Houston auto accident attorneys have pointed out that some ordinary drivers will sometimes intentionally run a stop sign if it appears to be safe. In most cases, these are completely law-abiding citizens who may have properly stopped at the same stop sign dozens or even hundreds of times before they make the decision to ignore it. This most often occurs when motorists believe that a stop sign has not been placed in a particular location for reasons of safety. These stop signs are instead considered to be a nuisance used to interrupt the steady flow of traffic and better regulate the speed of travel on a particular roadway.

Distracted Drivers

Driving should be considered an important full-time job for any driver, and it is not just teenagers who may find themselves engaged in distracted behavior that may lead to simply not seeing a stop sign. Drivers who choose to drive while attempting to use a cell phone to talk or text, become overly engaged interacting with their passengers or pay more attention to their snack or radio station than their driving are all more likely to miss a stop sign completely and cause an accident.

Fatigued Drivers

Professionals who drive 18-wheeler trucks are strictly restricted by law on how many hours they may drive in order to avoid fatigue, but a driver of any vehicle can suffer from fatigue. Those who attempt to travel long distances without stopping at a hotel or are simply over-tired from a long day at work can easily miss a stop sign when they close their eyes for that split-second of time.

You have no control over the other driver when you travel on America’s roadways, so you need to be as aware as possible of how the other drivers you share the road with are behaving. Never take it for granted that the driver approaching the stop sign is actually going to stop because that might not happen. Slow down a bit when you approach an intersection even if you are not required to stop, and you should come to a full stop when you do have a stop sign. Do a full count of three when you stop, and use that time to look right, left and across the street for approaching traffic. These safe driving habits should help ensure that you always make it to your destination safely.

Due to the complexities of filing a claim against the driver and insurance company of a stop sign violation, it is important to select an attorney who has the experience to represent you. If you think you have a case against a stop sign violation then contact the office of the DeSimone Attorneys.

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